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I have been using Lua embedded within a C application for some time,
but am now considering using it for a project which requires
standalone programming. Previously I would probably have used Python
for this, but a major goal of this project is maximum portability.

I have investigated different languages which I could use, and have found:

- On some niche platforms, C may be the only language immediately
available. However, since the Lua interpreter is written in pure C, it
should also be possible to use Lua on all of these platforms - that
is, Lua seems to be as portable as C.

- On more popular platforms with plenty of languages to choose from, a
Lua interpreter may be the most readily available
interpreter/compiler. I could even distribute the interpreter
alongside my code.

These facts combine to mean that, quite possibly, Lua is the most
portable language in existence. Do people agree with this statement?
If not, which other languages approach Lua in terms of portability?