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2013/4/30 Michal Kottman <>:

> In my opinion, the best way to "gain mass" and help is if anyone on this
> list took 5 mins to look at the unanswered question [4] and added their
> answers.

> [4]

I've done so, and can now categorically state that it is not my cup
of tea. Most of those "unanswered" questions are not really unanswered,
they're answered by someone saying "don't try doing it that way, you
should do it this way" or "look in XXX, it's explained clearly", and
that seems not to qualify as "answered".

I find myself in agreement with Miles.

> Stackexchange, on the other hand, emphasizes minutia and
> categorization, and that attracts control-freaks like honey
> does flies.