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On 30 April 2013 09:45, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:
It's not about the users, it's about the experts. Users won't visit the site.
They'll type in some keywords on Google and stackexchange will show
up in the first three or four hits. But some of us will have to visit
stackexchange often enough to supply the required answers.

Are we prepared to do that?

There are already some of us [1][2] more or less actively answering Lua related questions on SO.

The main idea of this proposal is to have a place where people could ask questions about Lua without the need to actively participate in the community (even if by just subscribing to the mailing list).

A part of this proposal is to have a separate site specially for Lua - In my opinion, this is not necessary, since one can already target a question to Lua by using the tag system. It also provides a way to search Lua-related questions [3]. Often, the questions relate not only to Lua but also some other piece of software, such as Corona, C++, Nginx, etc. It is questionable if these questions would be allowed on

In my opinion, the best way to "gain mass" and help is if anyone on this list took 5 mins to look at the unanswered question [4] and added their answers. Some of the questions are relatively "localized" in that they deal with very specific configuration, and are not easy to answer. On the other side, I also feel that the amount of Lua questions on SO is very low (5 questions daily) compared to Java, C++, C#, Android, iPhone questions, and many are answered quickly, so there is maybe no need for extra work.