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2013/4/30 Miles Bader <>:

> The result is that lua-l feels like a close community, and
> stackexchange, well ... does not.  Stackexchange feels like a
> bureaucracy -- a fairly friendly and mostly well-run bureaucracy, mind
> you, but a bureaucracy all the same.
> Now, bureaucracies have their place, but they aren't replacements for
> communities...

The original question was:

| Do you think we are ready for our own
| Would it be a good thing for the Lua community?
| To have our own site,, we'd need a critical mass.

The intention was "in addition to", not "instead of".

I think we all agree that lua-l is a marvellous Senior Common Room to
hang out in, the question is whether it is a good information kiosk.

Lua-l is not an easy place to find answers to questions except by
asking them yet again. But are enough of these questions being asked
to justify an independent Lua site?

It's not about the users, it's about the experts. Users won't visit the site.
They'll type in some keywords on Google and stackexchange will show
up in the first three or four hits. But some of us will have to visit
stackexchange often enough to supply the required answers.

Are we prepared to do that?