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On 04/28/2013 10:50 PM, Emeka wrote:
StackOverFlow is great if you are already a great programmer, just
running some search on Google would lead you to list of StackOverFlow

Not necessarily. If someone is a great programmer, they tend to have questions which are far from being frequently asked and have a non-trivial answer. These questions are better answered through a mailing list like this one, because you can interact directly with those in the know without being subjected to censorship by someone who may or may not know anything about the subject serves only the best interests of the people running the site.

If we account for the fact that an official mailing list like this one does attract both the people developing the programming language and experts in other areas where it is put to use, those great programmers have absolutely nothing to gain by resorting to any third-party service.

But when it comes to nurturing a would-be programmer, mailing
list is still the best.

Not only would-be programmers, but in fact all programmers, from newbies to experts. There are always new things to be learned, and once we learn them we are able to share that knowledge with other fellow subscribers.