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On 27/04/2013 21:29, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
To have our own site,, we'd need a critical mass.
But it would allow us to reduce the traffic in lua-l to announcements
and discussions about the design and future of Lua.

Doh! I have read too fast, that's the opposite of what I thought / answered, sorry for the noise.

That said, it isn't a bad thing people ask technical questions here, as they often get fast and comprehensive answers.

There was already discussions about forum vs. mailing lists: in the latter, messages just flow into the inbox, so most people can have at least an eye on it. In the former, people have to keep an eye on the forum (or tagged questions, etc.), so it is easier to miss something. Perhaps SO have a RSS feed for tags (I never used it), but it isn't the same thing.

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