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I predict that if it were started, you would loose nothing from this list. 

Those that go to stack exchange are already there. This is an awkward way to say that you are better off meeting a user where they are at, than you are in hoping that a lack of an option will guide them to where you want them. "Let a thousand flowers blossom," to quote an effective, albeit brutal, dictator. 

The gains:

Stack Exchange has FAR more gravity than does this list, as was demonstrated. When I'm lua-lost and googling for answers, stack exchange is where I find them, more than half of the time. 

You may invite a questioner to join the list, should they so desire, in your answer on SE. 

You gain more material to link to when people ask questions here.

There is a rewards based, video-game like quality bult-in, which encourages accuracy and long-form, tutorial-like completeness, which is not the case on any mailing list. 

As was said, it's not a zero sum game, at all. I have no data to back that up, other than that I've never experienced a desire to drop the list, now that I can get answers from stack exchange. I've never seen nor heard a hint of that kind of equation, either.