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On 28 April 2013 21:33, Paul Hudson <> wrote:
For example, in stackexchange you would never have this discussion, because it would be quickly censored.

That' a misuse in my opinion of the word "censored".  I can't discuss my favourite UK beers[1] here without getting heavily discouraged and - if I abuse the list - eventually banned. That's not censorship - every forum has rules about what can and cannot be discussed.

The difference is that your posts about beer will remain in the list long after you are given the boot. On stackexchange you and your posts will cease to exist, history will be rewritten as if it never happened (sort of like Wikipedia). That is why "censored" is being used in relation to stackexchange but I would be reluctant to use such a word here despite the odd email I get from Roberto telling me to behave myself :)

Of course creating a summary / digest of the technical discussions so that a newcomer does not need to live through the blow by blow details to how a question got answered would be a useful facility but I'm not sure that stackexchange is the place for that either. Perhaps we should have an faqbot to post a short summary answer when a common question gets asked with a link to the more detailed discussion. Faqbots always seem like a good idea but never seem to work out in the long run :(