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Le 12/04/2013 08:27, Miles Bader a écrit :
> FWIW, I've noticed that my Japanese colleagues (I work at a Japanese
> company, in Japan), many of whom have no obvious grasp of English for
> conversational purposes, almost always use English terms in
> variable/function names (although often misspelled...). They do write
> comments and message strings in Japanese though.  

It was the same in my previous company (both French and Italian).
Development people were initially in Italy and did the same as you
described : English for variables/function + Italian comment.

But it was a real nightmare the day some part was transfered to France
or to India. Based on this experience, I'm writing now my own
open-source code in english (even if I'm sure it's plenty of misspelling
and mistake) because it's much easier if I have to share.

As I'm working now in a French only speaking company, the added value is
to try no loosing so much my english :)