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Tim Hill <> writes:
> Anyway, to my mind for non-native speakers it's not the keywords,
> they can easily pick that up, it's the use of English words and
> phrases as variable names.

FWIW, I've noticed that my Japanese colleagues (I work at a Japanese
company, in Japan), many of whom have no obvious grasp of English for
conversational purposes, almost always use English terms in
variable/function names (although often misspelled...).

They do write comments and message strings in Japanese though.

I've always found this kind of interesting, and I suppose perhaps it's
because much programming literature is in English, or translated from
English, and the English terms used for many abstractions and concepts
are familiar even for non-English speakers.  Japanese terms for
various concepts seem more common in conversation than in code, but
even there, it's very common to hear both English and Japanese terms
for the same thing used almost interchangeably.


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