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2013/4/9 Dirk Laurie <>:

> Lua's existing syntax *is* lambda syntax, but for the sake of
> portability the three symbols required are spelt out with keywords.

Portability-shmortability. Get yourself a font that displays all
of Unicode properly and configure your keyboard to make the
Unicode characters you need with the alternate graphic key.

The attached patch to Lua 5.2 allows the syntax

    ∆(a,b) → a+b ⋄

Actually, all Lua keywords have been replaced by single Unicode
symbols, as a service to those who find Lua code obfuscated when
using English words like 'function' and 'return' instead of symbols.

Here is a sample:

 ⊣ i ∊ pairs(_G) ⊢ print(i) ⋄  -- prints the global table
 ⍳ 2<3 ⊥ print(∪) ⊤ print(∩) ⋄ -- prints "true"

The mapping of Unicode symbols to Lua terminals is defined
in the patch to llex.c.

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