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Hi Steve,

>> Thanks, Paul. That was a useful piece of the puzzle, since new LuaSocket is building
>> everywhere else fine (except for failing the reconnect-when-not-reusing-address test
>> consistently).  However, the result (also 5.2, XP SP3) seems broken; it cannot do a
>> simple localhost server/client connection reliably, but can do an explicit ip address.

> I noticed one strange thing when I was testing Lua52/luasocket with mobdebug: I couldn't
> get socket.connect to work between two Lua52/luasocket nodes running locally. I could
> connect from Lua51/old-luasocket to Lua52/luasocket or vice versa, but not between two
> Lua52/luasocket instances. socket.connect4 worked correctly though (this is the new
> method in "unstable" luasocket).

Have you had a chance to test this further?