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> Thanks, Paul. That was a useful piece of the puzzle, since new LuaSocket is building
> everywhere else fine (except for failing the reconnect-when-not-reusing-address test
> consistently).  However, the result (also 5.2, XP SP3) seems broken; it cannot do a
> simple localhost server/client connection reliably, but can do an explicit ip address.

I noticed one strange thing when I was testing Lua52/luasocket with mobdebug: I couldn't get socket.connect to work between two Lua52/luasocket nodes running locally. I could connect from Lua51/old-luasocket to Lua52/luasocket or vice versa, but not between two Lua52/luasocket instances. socket.connect4 worked correctly though (this is the new method in "unstable" luasocket).

I tried to trace the code, but couldn't figure out what was causing the issue.

So, I ended up using "(socket.connect4 or socket.connect)(connect parameters.....)" as this works fine in all the combinations I've tested.

> Since XP still has another year before it is dustbinned, and assuming that LuaSocket is
> actually released this year, we do have to sort this out.

Most definitely. From your description it seems like it may be the same issue. It would be good to figure it out. I've been testing this on Windows Vista, but I do have an old XP I can test whatever solution you can come up with on.

I pushed IPV6_V6ONLY update to the same branch: (based on the discussion in this thread).