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Andrew Starks wrote:
> On Git (and GitHub): Implementation detail. I don't think of git as the
> source control, in this context. I think of it as the module
> distribution and management system. Git is a fine technology choice and
> I'm having trouble thinking of a simpler way to do it across platform.

I am quite fond of Fossil <>.  The only
dependency it has is zlib and Posix or Windows, it builds fine on many
systems and it includes a wiki and bug tracker in the same decentralized
repository as the source.  I am using that for my own projects but for
projects other people started I am willing to work with most version
control systems that are free software.

> I do think that there needs to be a better naming distinction between
> "LuaDist" the project that makes it possible to manage a package library
> and "LuaDist" the Lua repository that is acting as an eco system.

I agree, to me it was not clear at all that LuaDist contains a selection
of common modules.  The homepage says "LuaDist is a true multi-platform
package management system that aims to provide both source and binary
repository of modules for the Lua programming language."  To me that
sounded like an alternative to LuaRocks and not like a useful default
package for Lua as a standalone scripting language.

-- David Kolf