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>The Manual now says:

>| The index pos can also be 0, when #list is 0, or #list + 1; in those 
>| cases, the function erases the element list[pos].

Never mind the quibbling about whether it's a bug or a feature, lets quibble
about grammar instead! A stray comma has made the sentence ambiguous - it
should read: "The index pos can be 0 when #list is 0, or it can be #list +
1; in these cases the function erases the element at list[pos]".

For the record, I think both these special cases are pandering to badly
written code and they should both be errors. This would still be consistent
with the 5.2.1 manual which certainly implies 1 <= pos <= #list even if it
is not explicit.

On a slightly related topic, with all the complaints about the use of the
'~' character, how come the Apple mob seem to be OK with '#'?