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On 8 Mar, 2013, at 10:51 , martinwguy <> wrote:

> On 8 March 2013 09:08, Spencer Parkin <> wrote:
>> Admittedly, my knowledge of build systems is limited, but I can already tell
>> you that for as long as I've been working with them, (which has been as long
>> as I've been programming, (which is a fairly long time.)), that I really,
>> really hate build systems.
> The real problem is that there are too many build systems. Everyone
> seems to feel a need to invent their own.
I could not agree more. I have re-written over 200 projects from their respective build systems to CMake and I can see the pattern repeating.

Fact is no build system solves the task better than any of the counterparts, just differently. I am not a CMake advocate as a result, in fact I can see all its flaws (which there are many), but its a tool that gets the job done.

Please stop wasting time trying to fix a problem that can be solved by simply learning the existing tools.