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Andrew Starks <> writes:
> to say that Linus, the 'L' in Linux, doesn't play a critical role in
> that community's success, and that he doesn't do so by picking
> winners and losers from time to time is revisionist, at best. Ex:
> github, the scheduler...,

[Presuming you meant to reply to my reply to you]

Obviously Linus is a big part of Linux's success, but there are other
reasons as well.  Thus Aaron's observation.

> It was about the observation that the lack of
> enforced... anything, suits the world that Lua serves very well:
> people who need to control the abstractions and define their own
> micro-environments.

Who's talking about "enforcement"...?

AFAICT, the only thing being considered here is a little bit more
organization / tooling...


I'd rather be consing.