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On 26 Feb, 2013, at 18:30 , Elias Barrionovo <> wrote:
> On the subject of LuaRocks, I miss something like python's virtualenv
> [1] + virtualenvwrapper [2]. While LuaRocks does have support for
> multiple trees (which is great!), I find it to be a PITA to manage
> different trees accross different projects, especially when also
> dealing with different interpreters (e.g. 5.1 vs 5.2 vs LuaJIT2). It
> would be great to have a cross-platform (if possible) set of scripts
> that help dealing with path, interpreter and luarocks trees.

LuaDist already does this, you can have separate installations with different module configurations. There is also a luadist-activate[1] package that you can activate the environment exactly as in python's virtualenv. In fact you can do this with LuaRocks installed using LuaDist too (yes you can combine both).