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On 2/25/2013 3:36 AM, TheGreat Guru wrote:
The reason i dont want to use lua is because i use Windows (yea i know !) and as a newbie i cant find any STEP by STEP tutorial on how to use it . The API on the other hand is something that i am , at least , familiar with , not good but decent . Anyway , thanks for "wasting" your time to reply to me ! Cya ... Nik !!!

I use Windows as a primary desktop and development environment, and I didn't imply I was wasting my time.

But based on your other answer, it looks like I was answering a question that was MORE than you needed to know. You could hand-wrap the classes using standard Lua wrappers. [1]

You can use ANY of the binders to do what you want. I still don't recommend tolua++; LuaBind is really easy to use and will work the way you need it, though. And there is a basic bit of instructions as to how to install on Windows [2].

SimpleLuaBinder [3] may be a bit easier to use for a newbie (no Boost requirements), though it's not as powerful. You'll need to install Premake [4] to get it working, however.

I suspect that there isn't a step-by-step guide that will handle your needs if [1] doesn't help enough, and that if you feel you need one, that you'd have more luck using one of the existing wrappers. Pick one and try to get it to work; if you get stuck, then ask specific questions with detailed descriptions about what you've tried.