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2013/2/25 Tim Mensch <>:
> On 2/24/2013 6:20 AM, TheGreat Guru wrote:
>> Hello all :) Just wondering if the is a way to bind c++ classes to
>> lua BUT with c++ inheritance support ! I mean if the is a way to
>> write lua scripts and create objects of a c++ subClass that can
>> access the methods of baseClass. What i am looking for is some link
>> for a good tutorial OR some custom code sample/s !
>> *IMPORTANT : I dont want to use a library like luaBind , toLua ,
>> LuaCpp or even SWIG . Just simple lua C API .
 Why DON'T you want to use LuaBind, by the way?
> Tim

The reason i dont want to use lua is because i use Windows (yea i know
!) and as a newbie i cant find any STEP by STEP tutorial on how to use
it . The API on the other hand is something that i am , at least ,
familiar with , not good but decent .
Anyway , thanks for "wasting" your time to reply to me !

Cya ... Nik !!!