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Can you write some Lua code as an example of what you're trying to achieve? I don't understand. My best guess at what you mean leads me to:

If the subclass is a type in c++ then calling base class methods is no different than calling class methods, just wrap the subclass with a suitable metatable.

If the subclass isn't a type in c++ then provide a metatable for the class, and store the base class as field in the subclass table. Then write an __index method which for your subclass which calls the appropriate method on the appropriate self (base userdata or subclass table)


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On 24 Feb 2013, at 13:20, TheGreat Guru <> wrote:

> Hello all :) Just wondering if the is a way to bind c++ classes to lua
> BUT with c++ inheritance support !
> I mean if the is a way to write lua scripts and create objects of a
> c++ subClass that can access the methods of baseClass.
> What i am looking for is some link for a good tutorial OR some custom
> code sample/s !
> *IMPORTANT : I dont want to use a library like luaBind , toLua ,
> LuaCpp or even SWIG . Just simple lua C API .
> Thanks all !