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2013/2/23 Steve Litt <>:

> But there's something else to consider. There's a certain class of web
> denizens who just *love* to shout RTFM every chance they get. They're
> crotchety old men.

Well, certainly RTFM just like that with not even a section reference is

Those crotchety old men often merely whisper RTFM, not shout it, by
replying "From the Reference Manual:" followed by the relevant quote.
I don't think that is offensive.

Moreover I think an actually-tested LMGTFY might be rude but
is effective. It points the poster to the answer, and demonstrates
how to formulate an effective Google query, all in one conveniently
clickable URL.

Mike Pall once replied to one of my questions with that and
I can still remember it clearly. It didn't hurt, it was more like
having a pail of icy water emptied over me.

-- From one of those C.O.M.