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On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 11:15 PM, Dirk Laurie <> wrote:

> Absolutely. Humble newbie begging for help will (for the first
> two or three posts anyway) get plenty of sympathetic explaining.
> Tedious newbie posting an umpteenth elementary query will
> get RTFM, which is what needed. Arrogant newbie full of
> contempt for the stupid way Lua does things will get flamed.

Re: RTFM. Judging by the frequency of posts that are actually answered
by pointers to the Manual, I'll hazard a guess that the Manual's
quality is pretty good for experienced programmers. But as a
near-novice programmer when I took the Lua plunge, I've often wished
there were another version on a wiki that would enable annotation
with, e.g., links to relevant tutorials (including some of the great
tutorials for beginners on a few of the game sites), list threads,
more code examples. A glossary of terms used that are likely to be
unfamiliar to beginners would also have made learning Lua a lot less

I filled a lot of those gaps with Jung and Brown's "Beginning Lua
Programming," the FAQ, and a lot of time spent searching the Web, but
I wish there were a site with some logical organization that enables
newbies and novices to post their lessons learned. A copy of the
Manual with annotations on a wiki seems like it would be a useful
solution since it's usually a misunderstanding of the Manual that
makes me crank up Google.

Best regards,