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Actually I also wanted to mention that I think irc must be very difficult for non-English speakers.

I know several spoken languages at a basic level. It would be very difficult for me to post in one of these but I could manage. However if people started using trendy short forms in a non-English language (like brb in English) I would be lost. I still don't know what !last means on irc.

Perhaps Lua Tutor could also be named something like Lua Tutor/Basic English list.

Here in my city north of Toronto, Canada, Caucasians are in fact a visible minority, with 60%+ being so called "visible minorities". Most people do not speak English as a first language. I would be very happy to answer questions from people who are not fluent in English and I am quite good at understanding non-optimal English.

How many times have you seem someone say something like sorry my English is no good etc..

I hate English and have deep sympathy for those who have logical languages but have to learn it.