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Igor, Chris, Daurnimator,
Everything is working. The tip of "which" and "she-bang" was precious.
I could run some lp files. It's really very well.
Yes, on Linux, the problem is solved. But how about Windows. There's
no she-bang on Windows.
Igor, you sent me an e-mail about mod_lua. Yes, it's a possibility,
but as far as I could see, at the point of view of configurations,
it's more complicated.
On Linux, I used a lua she-bang and after a cgilua she-bang.
"#!/usr/bin/cgilua" indicates the script will be interpreted by cgilua
executable. Regarding that Windows does not understand she-bangs, how
can I say to Windows and Apache "cgilua" is the interpreter?
Thank you very much for the help!

2013/2/15, Luciano de Souza <>:
> Hello all,
> I'd like to play with Lua and CGI. I don't know if CGILua is the best
> option for whom is starting. Actually, I made this question before, but
> for a long time ago. My first attempt was completely frustrated. I have
> read something about CGILua, but the problem is that I don't know how to
> run even the first example.
> Using Apache, my single experience was some Pascal code. I have compiled
> an executable and after placing it in the CGI-BIN folder, it was enough
> to call the address in the browser.
> Lua works differently since it's a interpreted language. Probably, I
> need to register the interpreter who will responsible to process Lua
> scripts. But how to do it?
> I have also another problem. What's the eazier component to write Lua
> CGI scripts? My question is not the most productive, but the eazier. I
> don't want to invest much time to understand the complex configurations
> of a heavy framework. Later, it's possible I adopt it, but to start, the
> best is the simplest. Lua pages seems to be a pleasant way to code
> scripts. Firstly, I would like to study only CGI. I don't need FastCGI now.
> In short, my questions is:
> 1. Where can I find information how to configure Apache to run my Lua
> CGI scripts?
> 2. What is the eazier component to create CGI scripts, in other words,
> the component with less new commands and specially less configurations?
> If I don't try something eazier, I won't run the first example and
> without it, the advance is really uncertain.
> Best regards,
> Luciano

Luciano de Souza