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Hello all,
I'd like to play with Lua and CGI. I don't know if CGILua is the best option for whom is starting. Actually, I made this question before, but for a long time ago. My first attempt was completely frustrated. I have read something about CGILua, but the problem is that I don't know how to run even the first example. Using Apache, my single experience was some Pascal code. I have compiled an executable and after placing it in the CGI-BIN folder, it was enough to call the address in the browser. Lua works differently since it's a interpreted language. Probably, I need to register the interpreter who will responsible to process Lua scripts. But how to do it? I have also another problem. What's the eazier component to write Lua CGI scripts? My question is not the most productive, but the eazier. I don't want to invest much time to understand the complex configurations of a heavy framework. Later, it's possible I adopt it, but to start, the best is the simplest. Lua pages seems to be a pleasant way to code scripts. Firstly, I would like to study only CGI. I don't need FastCGI now.
In short, my questions is:
1. Where can I find information how to configure Apache to run my Lua CGI scripts? 2. What is the eazier component to create CGI scripts, in other words, the component with less new commands and specially less configurations? If I don't try something eazier, I won't run the first example and without it, the advance is really uncertain.
Best regards,