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On 14 February 2013 17:15, Benjamin Cabé <> wrote:
>>They both require that you have access to the Lua code which you want
>>to debug and can change the code to enable debugging,
> It is true indeed for LDT
>>this is not the
>>case for Decoda and the Lua code could be embedded into the
> I am curious at how this works behind the scenes? Did anybody have a look
> at it?
> Thanks
> Benjamin

I have not yet looked at the Decoda code to closely but there are a
couple of methods, you can inject a patched dll/so/dylib, do the work
of the linker yourself fixing up function addresses or if Lua is
statically linked you can patch the executable using trampolines. All
of which are architecture/platform specific (unless using Microsoft's
Detours, which is free for open source usage) hence why I assume
Decoda is only currently able to target Windows x86.