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Am 07.02.2013 um 14:26 schrieb Thijs Schreijer <>:

>> Attached are three files (not very elaborate code, just meant as proof of
>> concept): i18n.lua, a "library" that translates messages, and,
>> two sample message catalogs for german and french.
>> So far it can translate messages and change the order of parameters.  Is
>> that enough?
> Have you checked existing implementations?
> By Kikito;
> By OlivineLabs; 
> What I don't like about Say is that it requires ordered arguments, not named ones. Luassert uses it and it's been a pita. Probably nicest would be if you could also include formatting in the placeholders, but then it would almost become a template engine...

I looked at Kikito and seems quite heavy, I am not sure if I need to go that far.

Then I find to chatty to use (i.e. you have to write much text, imo)

> Thijs