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On Sat, 09 Feb 2013 03:04:52 +1100
Ross Bencina <> wrote:

> On 9/02/2013 12:50 AM, Joseph Manning wrote:
> >>> Appeal to Lua developers: is there any chance of at least
> >>> adding != as
> >>> >>an alternative in the next release?
> >     Nooooooo!  Please don't Perl-ise it.
> "Perl-ise" o.O You gotta be kidding. That's the only language you
> know with != ?

I think what he meant by "Perl-ise" was not the specific syntax, but
Perl's core philosophy of "there are many ways to do it", which is the
reason I left Perl to explore Python, Ruby and Lua. The "many ways to
do it" philosophy has not served Perl well, judging from its declining

The "many ways" philosophy makes for code that's less readable and less
maintainable between people.