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<>, Bo HOU
<> wrote:
> Have you tried lua IUP? I have made a similar scientific program with it
> one year ago. It works well in Linux and Windows. I hvn't tried it on Mac
> OS. But I don't think there would be a problem.

> Lua IUP:

Thanks, I did not know IUP. It looks very good! Still I fear that it will
miss some special features I may need for my program. There are a lot of
scientific programs out there and my motivation for writing another one is
the GUI which is often lacking on other programs. So I do not want to accept
any compromise on the GUI - I want it the way I have in my mind. Maybe it's
not fair because I only had a quick look on IUP but I just guess that it has
less features when compared to .net which seems to work with lua.