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On Fri, Jan 4, 2013 at 4:01 PM, Michael Gerbracht <> wrote:
> Now I am thinking about looking into .net and luainterface. But before I
> start again I would like to ask you whether this would be a good decision. It
> is not as platform independent as the other toolkits I tried first but with
> Mono it might be possible to use it on Linux (and Mac OS?) - but platform
> independence does not have the highest priority for me.

LuaInterface works fine on .Net and Mono (see [1], which is a
backported LuaInterface version that uses P/Invoke against a native
Lua 5.1 dll/so )

The examples given are Gtk# but obviously Windows Forms would be
preferred on Windows - this is partially implemented on Mono but the
results aren't very good looking.

Practically anything that can be done in C# can be done in
LuaInterface, and usually more elegantly by use of first class Lua
functions.  I've been able to directly use NPlot from LuaInterface
programs, which is a good charting library, well suited to scientific

Current maintainers seem a bit asleep but I recently worked on the
inner details so I should be able to remember what's going on ;)

steve d.