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On Sun, Dec 9, 2012 at 7:13 PM, spir <> wrote:
> For me the real issue is not about having pre-made packages for many domains
> (since I enjoy developping my own anyway), rather that without any official
> stdlib there is also no shared culture on these topics. (Note to mention the
> questions of quality, safety, optimisation, etc... and adequacy to
> general/common usage.)

That's a good point; I've also been perhaps overfond of reinventing
wheels, but that's also very much part of our culture.  Even when I
was porting common libraries like luafilesystem, lpeg, luasocket, etc
to Lua 5.2 it was in the context of a particular itch, and my
attention span did not stretch to actually making updated repositories
of these individual libraries.

Does feel that a little bit of coordination would be useful - e.g.
something like a 5.2 Porting Group that identifies the main libs and
ensures (by fork, by persuasion or a mixture of these) that 5.2
compatible versions are available.  Would automatically include the
distribution guys (Hisham and Peter) of course because there are some
rough edges with deploying 5.2 builds.