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Xavier Wang wrote on 2012-05-21/14:24:
the issue is not at memory garbage: using C++ class means you can using C++ operations, such as operator= or copy constructor. the issue is this class is in a union: that means C++ don't know call which copy constructor if you call setobj :-( so maybe I need make a function version of setobj and something others. regards, Xavier Wang.
I also have a version of my interpreter with a C++ class as lua_number.

What I had to do - and what I suggest to you too - is to have a base class of the C++ class you are using that has only the default constructer. This is the limitation that you have if you want to use a object of type class in a c++ union.

In my case I had a class fixed64 with fixed point operations and constructors from different types (int, double...) what I had to do is to create a class fixed64base, then I moved all operatiors and methods to fixed64base except any contructors.

You will still need to do some adaptions to the interpreter after that, but the compiler errors will lead you through those changes.