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2012/5/21 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <>:
>> I just have a idea that replace lua_Number as a GMP number or MAPM
>> number, is that possible? I mean, A lua with native big number
>> support?
> I think Gavin Wraith once used MAPM in RiscLua:
> I haven't tried this yet but it shoud be reasonably simple due to the
> existence of the luai_num* macros in luaconf.h. However, I expect that
> there will be some issues with memory management because Lua does not
> garbage collect numbers and so you cannot tell the underlying library
> to free big numbers.
> Anyway, I'd like to hear about your efforts.

Thank you for information.

it seems that he use integer as lua number, for avoid performance
issues. but I just curious about using a big number as Lua's number.
e.g. I can do this:
> print(2^100)

the issue is not at memory garbage: using C++ class means you can
using C++ operations, such as operator= or copy constructor. the issue
is this class is in a union: that means C++ don't know call which copy
constructor if you call setobj :-(

so maybe I need make a function version of setobj and something others.

Xavier Wang.