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I am an LuaPosix user and consumer. I thank you and congratulation to
you for your great job.

Best regards.

On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 8:32 AM, Reuben Thomas <> wrote:
> LuaPosix ( is, for those who don't
> know, a binding of POSIX APIs for Lua.
> It's been around since at least Lua 3.1 (1998), but for much of its life has
> been unmaintained. I took it over a few years ago from Natanael Copa so I
> could work on it for the Lua version of the GNU Zile editor. At that time,
> there was very little development activity.
> In the past few months I've had a great deal of interest, and many fixes and
> additions to the library. Many thanks to the various contributors! However,
> looking after the library and keeping its design and coding coherent in the
> face of additions while allowing it to grow is not really something that
> interests me, or to which I'm suited: I still have only the one application
> that uses it (Zile) and I am not regularly using the library apart from
> that.
> Hence, I'd very much like to hand over to a new maintainer. Could anyone
> interested please write to me off-list?
> In the mean time, contributors (and users) should not worry: I don't plan to
> abandon LuaPosix, and will continue to integrate patches and fixes, though
> I'm afraid that they really must be pre-digested (preferably in the form of
> a github pull request, and definitely in the form of patches I can apply
> automatically, if they're not trivial). Similarly, I'm no longer prepared to
> re-work patches that don't fit with my standards for the library, though I'm
> happy to help contributors fix them (discussion is much quicker for me than
> coding!).
> I've added some notes to the project's README on coding style, which you can
> read at the bottom of the main github page (URL above).
> --

Hallison Batista