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LuaPosix ( is, for those who don't know, a binding of POSIX APIs for Lua.

It's been around since at least Lua 3.1 (1998), but for much of its life has been unmaintained. I took it over a few years ago from Natanael Copa so I could work on it for the Lua version of the GNU Zile editor. At that time, there was very little development activity.

In the past few months I've had a great deal of interest, and many fixes and additions to the library. Many thanks to the various contributors! However, looking after the library and keeping its design and coding coherent in the face of additions while allowing it to grow is not really something that interests me, or to which I'm suited: I still have only the one application that uses it (Zile) and I am not regularly using the library apart from that.

Hence, I'd very much like to hand over to a new maintainer. Could anyone interested please write to me off-list?

In the mean time, contributors (and users) should not worry: I don't plan to abandon LuaPosix, and will continue to integrate patches and fixes, though I'm afraid that they really must be pre-digested (preferably in the form of a github pull request, and definitely in the form of patches I can apply automatically, if they're not trivial). Similarly, I'm no longer prepared to re-work patches that don't fit with my standards for the library, though I'm happy to help contributors fix them (discussion is much quicker for me than coding!).

I've added some notes to the project's README on coding style, which you can read at the bottom of the main github page (URL above).