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Dear list,

I am new to the list and I have been tinkering with "Lua For Windows" only for a month and something, and must say I love it. Ive managed to do a running program that does the same as a previous C++ Id made with a 1/3 of the lines aprox.

For the last week and the few days of this one Ive been searching at the list for how to make an exe, and found some indications, as using Luiz's luac, and it worked with other lua files. But then comes the 'require "lfs" '. So far Ive been unable to find any .lua to compile with the other binaries trough 'luac'.

The C application works with other .lua (got it from the Lua 5.1 Reference Manual uploaded at the web) that don't have any 'require' on them.

Also tried with Matthew Wild's "Squish" ( and "l-bia" from luaforge. The first I couldn't make it work, and couldnt fully understand the way. The second, well, official web page has a big 'WARNING' on it saying that it doesn't do what it says, so I didn't actually used it.

I've read some other mail list related, but or the problem wasn't the same or I just couldn't grasp it. If it's for the latter, I apologize, but only today I went over 20 pages of 20 messages each page on the list, and I am kind of losing faith.


OS Win 7 Professional 64bits

Lua for Windows (5.1) with Scite

Using LuaRocks to install libs

Dev C++ for the C (know its weird, but is the one i was taught in how to use). Using C project and linking lua libs (both Ive got with LfW, lua5.1.lib and lua51.lib), lib dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Lua\5.1\lib) and include dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Lua\5.1\include).

Any help will be really appreciated!

P.S.: Btw, I dont know if gmail sends MIME or HTML. I've tried to disable em, but couldnt find it at [] as the 'read-before-writing' says. If it is active, I apologize and ask any gmail user to tell me how to, since i couldn't find it at the gmail options.

Thanks again!

P.S.S.: Also, any other C compiler that you can recommend to work with Lua? Seems like DevC has not been updated for a long while, tried wxDevC, updated lot of stuff as soon as Ive installed it, tried to run it and just got error after error. Maybe I should try without updates, but I rather try first one recommended by experienced users.

Many thanks again!
And sorry for such a long mail!
Salvador Balaguer Macia