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Hi all,

Since 1.0.1 was tagged, there have been a number of fixes which are
important enough to warrant a new version.

Set equality not defined; tostring borked, and Map's metatable trashed

(This came from my sweeping decision to remove the methods of pl.Set)

Norman Clarke contributed an improved set/getfenv for 5.1 compatibility.

utils.lua51 is now defined; missing unpack or loadstring for 5.2 has been sorted

pretty.load is documented, and has paranoid mode.

(This function reads 'top-level' Lua configuration files, e.g rockspec
format:  paranoid mode prevents loops or functions from being defined) can no longer crash and has closed the string-method vunerability

(it temporarily resets the global string metatable so that arbitrary
string methods cannot be used for mischief)

ISO 8601 seconds, minutes and hours start at _zero_!

(hang my head in shame)

stringio was skipping empty lines and not handling fractional numbers
properly; now supports Lua 5.2 behaviour [1]

(So for instance, 'for c in stringio.lines(s,1) do...' goes over all
the bytes in the string s)

issue 21: path.join takes an arbitrary number of paths

issue 19: keys which are not numbers or strings caused pretty.write to crash

issue 25: tablex.range crash fix. Now range(10,10)=={10} and range(10,9) == {}

issue 26: lapp was converting numbers in names to underscores

Please try to trash things and generally complain, since I'd like to
tag this as 1.0.2.

steve d.

[1] stringio has been submitted as a separate rock, since people find
it generally useful without the kitchen sink. Time to think of any
other modules that could do with this new 'micro publishing' approach.