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This solution works good with different calling methods but has 2 more problems.
1) If the lua script fails the batch wont stop and will interpret each
line of the lua part.
2) The exit code of the lua script is not given back.

I have following solution which solves booth problems but does not
look very good.
Maybe someone with better batch knowledge can shorten it while
preserving all functionality.

 ::lua:: --[[
@set luafile=%0
@if exist %0.bat set luafile=%0.bat
@lua52.exe %luafile% %*
@exit /b %ERRORLEVEL%
print 'This is Lua script'

2012/5/8 Daurnimator <>:
> On 9 May 2012 02:08, Egor Skriptunoff <> wrote:
>> Impressing results!
>> One more problem should be solved.  User can enter command line
>> manually (hello one two three) or can simply double click on the file
>> and full filespec will be placed into command line
>> ("C:\path\hello.bat").  Both cases should be properly handled.
>> ::Lua:: --[[
>> if exist %0.bat lua52.exe %0.bat %* && exit /b
>> lua52.exe %0 %* && exit /b
>> ]]
>> print 'This is Lua script'
> Much better is using %~nx0
> lua52.exe %~nx0 %*