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> Sent: dinsdag 8 mei 2012 22:21
> To: Lua mailing list
> Subject: Preliminary Lua bindings for hidapi
> Hi all,
> Here's something for embedded hardware people...
> I have a preliminary binding for hidapi[1] working (on WinXP).
> hidapi is a cross-platform library for working with USB HID
> devices and on Win32, it allows for convenient driverless
> interfacing -- enough for low data rate stuff and simple to use
> versus the alternatives.[2]
> All hidapi API calls are (mostly) implemented. However, things
> like Unicode strings are currently truncated to ASCII, so a proper
> "nice-and-sane" release still needs work. The binding code is
> already all non-platform-specific, I think.
> I don't think I want to maintain a repository in the long term and
> do releases, so if anyone wants to play with it or incorporate it
> into a relevant codebase, I'm more than happy to shovel it to you.
> The usual Lua-like license can be used.

Not right now, but might in the future, do you have a repo somewhere?

> [1]
> [2] WinUSB, libusb-win32, libusbx-win, ...