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On 4/3/2012 12:40 PM, Wesley Smith wrote:
> Whatever happened to the idea of holding it in Boulder? wes

I guess we'd have to post a proposal on the Wiki, though there are several "Within Europe"-only attendees on the Wiki page [1], and there's still a lot of anti-HSA sentiment going around for people who aren't in the US already. Has the Lua workshop EVER been hosted in the US? We don't seem to be very popular worldwide.

On the other hand, there are a lot of technology-focused people here; personally I don't know that I can justify a European flight to get to a Lua Workshop. Maybe if others who felt that way added their names to the list as potential attendees with "North America Only" as a restriction, it would become more clear what areas would benefit the most people.

Regardless, while it's awesome here in Boulder, the points about hotel expense are still valid: It's hard to get below about $75/night in a hotel, though there's a hostel that goes down to $45/night [2]. And there are a lot of vacation rental options; if people wanted to double up, we could get a few like this one: [3] -- about $66/night/bedroom. There are other areas where you can get a hotel room to yourself for less than $50/night, though, so it depends on what people want.