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> I guess we'd have to post a proposal on the Wiki, though there are several
> "Within Europe"-only attendees on the Wiki page [1], and there's still a lot
> of anti-HSA sentiment going around for people who aren't in the US already.
> Has the Lua workshop EVER been hosted in the US? We don't seem to be very
> popular worldwide.

It was in DC a few years ago.  There was a good sized group. I'd
imagine a similar number of people would attend again if it was held
in the US.  Besides, it's typical for conferences to rotate
continents.  I tried to see what the stats were for last year, but
they seem to be erased from the wiki AFAICT, but I think there were
about 10 people who had expressed interest in a US site and 28 for
switzerland, but many more people got on board once a site was chosen.

If it's possible to host it in Boulder, would you mind adding relevant
info to the Wiki?  I think it would be a fantastic location.