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IMHO, This is awesome!

Also, in my opinion, the next big wave of coding languages we are
going to see, are those that cater for "multi-computing" in varios
ways. Its becase the hardware people give us more cores instead of
higher speeds and because the rise of the internet makes distributing
stuff more interesting. Be it multi-threading, multi-processing or
distributed computing. With efforts like this, Lua might nibble on
that wave, albeit its own design near zero caters for anything like
that (and don't come me with proxy/metatables to be a suitable
replacement for freezing)

My own preference currently would lie into something that like Erlang
or Clojure (or other functional languages) has immutable
datastructures by default, but be just a little more imperative than
these to hit my taste. Anyone know something like this? I'm right now
up sketching a metalanguage like that, which compiles to Lua or