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Robert Virding, one of the creators of Erlang, has set out to implement Lua on top of native Erlang. Just so.

It's easy to miss his point I guess. But for practicality, because of the arcaneness of Erlang's syntax and libs, it may turn out to be way more useful than immediately obvious. I am particularly intrigued about the prospect of Lua states as native lightweight microprocesses* and the speed with which one should be able to switch between languages with this approach.

I should add that 'native Erlang' is relative, because Erlang has leex and yecc. You guessed what that is. So the whole thing is anchored a little deeper than vanilla Erlang.

To those who wonder, Erlang is a language and VM which is extremely well suited for server programming. Many of the NoSQLs databases were written in Erlang. It has features like you can't change a variable once you assigned it, every character uses 8 bytes etc.