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On 2/14/2012 11:21 PM, curt wrote:
Okay I figured out the problem, works great on my x86 test box... with -O1 .. -O2 segfaults on exit. Sorry but homey don't play that game, I will be tracking that down; pretty sure its related to my handling of the EBP register. I have uploaded it as 0.4.2[unstable] and as far as I can tell x64 and windows x86/x64 are unaffected and the examples function correctly (as does linux x86 at the current optimization level of -O1)


Cool, I'll give it a shot later tomorrow. I hadn't thought to mess with the optimization flags.

As a point of curiosity in the meantime, could you explain how Tuna interacts with the Lua state during blocking functions? Using a crappy homebrew thread API I was able to fire functions across threaded states (using a really basic lock-everything approach) without too many problems, pretty much no matter what either state was doing. The thread could be in the middle of a sleep loop or Verse's event loop and I wouldn't have to worry waiting for it to complete or yield unless a block was desired. Can I expect about the same behavior from Tuna, or would I need some extra action within those loops?