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2012/2/11 Gaspard Bucher <>:
> Out of curiosity, how does GSL Shell compare with GNU Octave [1] ?

Hi Gaspard,

to be honest I'm not well placed to talk about that because I don't
really know Octave. But I can say for sure a few things:
- Octave is compatible with Matlab, this is not the case of GSL Shell
- GSL Shell is based on the Lua programming language with LuaJIT2,
Octave I don't know
- Octave use gnuplot to create plots while GSL Shell has its own plotting system
- Octave use extensively LAPACK AFAIK, GSL Shell use only the GSL
library (this may change in future)
- Octave is a mature well established software, GSL Shell is a young project
- GSL Shell features integration algorithms that can perform closely
to C optimized code. Octave I don't know.

May be other people that better know Octave can complete the picture.