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Elias Barrionovo <> writes:
> Are there so much 80 char only display nowadays? It is a serious
> curious honest question...

It's the default width for terminal windows, editors like emacs, ...

But more importantly, it's a reliable minimum.  While some people may
make their windows wider, there's no wider width you can _depend_ on
-- some people may choose 90, some may choose 150 -- but because of
the huge amount of code wrapped to slightly-less-than-80-characters,
almost everybody that works with code is going to make their window
_at least_ 80 characters wide.

So if you want your code to be readable by others, it's sensible to
wrap at 80, whatever width you like for general use.  [and wider
windows can be very useful, e.g. for displaying wide debugging output,
side-by-side diffs, etc.]

[At some point of course, wide text becomes significantly harder to
read, even if the window is wide enough to display it unwrapped.  I'm
not sure at what point that occurs, but I suspect it's closer to 80
than 150... (for dense text like prose, the optimal width is probably
less than 80, but code has its own properties).]


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