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HyperHacker <> writes:
>> I used 80 chars in the past too, but recently switched to 100, which I
>> consider adequate for today so someone can view it unobscured.
> I stick to 80 since my screen fits 3 80-column displays very nicely.
> If yours is larger, perhaps you can find another good use for that
> space. It's a good standard, why change it?

Seriously... unless one never expects their code to be read by others,
following a standard is a very good idea -- and for better or for
worse "slightly less than 80 chars" is the standard.

Remember 100-char-wide code will look awful in an 80-char-wide window,
but 72-char-wide code will look fine in a 100-char-wide window.  The
huge amount of existing code respecting the 80-character limit means
that one can pretty much rely on windows being at least that wide, but
all bets are off above that...

[I used to work with a guy who had settled on a "personal standard" of
never wrapping at all, and would reject any new code that was
obviously wrapped (so one had to be a bit sneaky...)!  He always used
huge windows with tiny fonts which could show lines up to like 200
characters or more... reading his code was a miserable
experience... :( ]


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