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Miles Bader <> writes:
>       -- iterate over STRING, outputting a single character at a time
>       while start < end do
>          local codepoint = utf8.codepoints (string, start)
>          output_unicode_codepoint_to_mumble (mumble, codepoint)
>          start = utf8.byteoffset (string, 1, start)   -- increment START
>       end

Hmm, maybe that's wrong, maybe it should be

This is a case where 1-based indexing is a little confusing, since
the operation I really want is "give me a byteoffset which is +N utf8
characters from a start byteoffset" -- so I expect +1 to be "next
character", 0 to be "no change", and maybe -1 "previous character".

I dunno maybe it's better to have a separate function for this?


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