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2012/2/6 Dirk Laurie <>:
> The Downloads page still offers only
>    GSL Shell 2.0.0 gsl-shell-2.0.0-1_i386.deb

Hi Dirk,

thank you for reporting that. The debian package for the 2.1 release
is actually in the download directory but something got wrong when
updating the download page.

> Making local docs involves installing python-sphinx, moving `` out of
> the way, running `sphinx-quickstart` and then `make html`.  Not hard, but
> maybe worth a mention somewhere.

Well, that's not enough, you have to patch the Pygment package to get
right the the short function syntax.

The idea is that the user is not supposed to build the documentation
by itself. I will try to create a package with the documentation in
HTML format and I will advertise that in the download page.

> I've aliased `matlab` to `gsl-shell` ...

Nice to hear that but pay attention, gsl-shell is not a drop in
replacement for matlab.... :-)